Sunday, September 16, 2007


Hello my peeps! I have started so many posts the past couple of weeks but could not finish any of them. Here I am today with enthusiasm and an eagerness for blogging once again.
The boys are enjoying school these days. Gavin is loving preschool and I am loving the break this gives me three times a week. While he is at preschool my nearest(a literal hop, skip and jump away) and (one of many) dearest....(I love you all my friends:)) friend Joni have been doing the bridges. It has been awesome to get out and walk first thing in the morning. Lucy even joined us last week for a walk and we got a good ab workout from all of the laughter! As a result of my new routine I have been so pooped at the end of the day. Yesterday afternoon the boys and I went to our friends' house for a weenie roast(a tad bit cold...brrr!)and I was back in bed by 9:30 pm.
Today I was busy shopping, organizing and cleaning. I am a typical domestic diva. I bought the new Swiffer Wet Jet...and let me tell you....LOVE IT!!! This mama was singing with joy as I swiffered away all the dirt and grime off of my lino. The funny thing is that my hubby was the one who has been bugging me to buy it. So he will be just as happy to see that this product does the job it advertises!! A thumbs up.
I found lots of great bargains at the grocery store today(bacon .99 if you redeemed 1000 points...Prawns. Buy one get one free....cadbury thins.... .$.75 for a box of 6):). I love finding good deals. It makes shopping way more enjoyable. I've also meal planned for the week so I'll include our meal plan at the end of this post:)
Shay isn't playing hockey this year. He decided he didn't want to do it and I didn't want to be the mother that forces her son into sports. Instead he will be focusing on skiing, swimming and both older boys will be joining cubs. They are quite excited for this. This will be the first time that Shay and Josey can do something together. It worked out perfectly.
This week I will be hitting the exercising hard as well as being diligent with the eating. I want to lose 30 pounds by Christmas. Let me rephrase that...I will be losing 30 pounds by Christmas!:)
I'm going to rant for a moment now...
"Yes I know my husband is hot. And NO I don't feel that he is "too good looking" for me!!"
WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually I think we are a wonderful match. Eventhough I am a fat, doesn't mean that I am unattractive. I'm actually good looking. I get tired of the stereotypes that people place on other people. Furthermore....I haven't always been fat!....Bottom line:
My husband thinks I'm the sexiest woman out there!"
Phewf...long story. I won't go into it, but it sure felt good to rant!
Gavin said this to me yesterday:
"Mommy, I'm not a widdle(little) boy anymore....I'm a fisherman!"
He caught his first fish(a rainbow trout) the other day at Onion Lake. He got it on his own and reeled it in on his own. He was quite proud!!!
We've been spending lots of time walking, hiking and fishing. The other day we hiked to Clearwater Lake and enjoyed the afternoon there. On the weekend we went to the Powerlines in Kitimat and had a cookout on the river. The blackflies were HORRIBLE, so I was not too happy. The fish weren't biting, but were jumping like mad, so Scott wasn't too happy. We had just bought a new fishing rod/reel for me to coho/steelhead fish and the reel was buggered some how. Whoever put the line on didn't do it properly so it kept cutting. The boys were happy though ! I guess that's all that matters. Oh the the end it was just nice to be in the outdoors. Can't beat the outdoors:)
We got the back door painted and are contemplating whether to stain the deck or not? I think we are safe to wait another season,but it would be nice to get it done so next spring we don't have to do it. My bet is that it'll wait for another season.
I would like to get the front door painted. I'm torn between a red or a black. Two complete different looks...any suggestions? We'll have to get new hardware for the door and a new mailbox and new light fixtures...maybe this will wait...LOL
I've already begun my Christmas shopping. I have started the lists to decide what we're getting for who. Yay...I love Christmas. This year I think we will have an Open House before we leave. We are heading to Jaffray for Christmas, which will be fun(for the most part anyways!!)
Anyhow it's almost Big Brother time...
I leave you with my Meal Plan for the week:

Sunday: Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs with Basmati Rice.
Monday: Spaghetti and green salad.
Tuesday: Garlic Prawns served over Ceasar Salad. I'll have chicken as I am allergic to prawns:(
Wednesday: BBQ Burgers with Tomato and Cucumber Salad. (I won't have the bun)
Thursday: Halibut with Rice Pilaf..(we have a whole freezer full of Halibut...yummy)
Friday: Chicken with roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus and green salad.
Saturday: Meatballs with mashed potatoes and corn. (Free Day)
Sunday: Beef Dip and Coleslaw to throw another load of laundry in the wash...
Hope you're all enjoying this day!


Devo said...

I can't believe anyone would say such a thing. That is just not cool. Sounds like you are busy and having fun so it's all good. But what is this crazy talk of Christmas???EEK! I say go RED for the door, it is supposed to be Feng Shui positive energy or some such thing, but really it's just that I love red.

Jenny said...

Well unfortunately it hasn't been the first time. Yeah some people are brutal. My response was, "I hadn't thought he was until you pointed it out!" Said with a big smile....
Whatever...I can't let rudeness bring me down.
I want to go for red...I think...but then black is so classic...

Crystal said...

Go for Red! I have a red door! We could be red door sisters!
You know when people say stuff like that you should say something like "What and here I thought all the time I was WAY to good looking for HIM! LOL"
Of all the nerve!

Gwen said...

Nill Illigitimi Carborundum! (One of my only Latin phrases) Actually I was looking at you both sitting on my couch last week thinking, "What beautiful people!" People say rude, thoughtless, bitchy, cranky things, and you can't let them get you down.

Good attitude girl!

Chunks said...

A Red Front Door allows prosperity to come into your home but if both your front door and back door are red, the prosperity will just go out as quickly as it came in.

I learned that little tidbit when I was on holidays in Nova Scotia last year, on a tour of Lunenburg. Anyway. Go Red!!

A quick jab to the solar plexus will straighten out any rude person. Trust me. hehe.

Christmas! YAY! A fellow planner!

Jenny said...

I'm glad we painted the back door white...need the prosperity in the house!
Gonna google your latin phrase Gwen...I'm sure it's a good one!

paleraven50 said...

holy my first thought is did someone really SAY that and then ya some people are so ---- stupid, what else can i say. Insecure people deep down wanting what you have and that would be Scott right. Anyways Jenny, as hard as it is, that was a good response you had got to go for now thanks again for your help.

Gwen said...

Do you honestly, truly stick to those meal plans? For real? I've tried, but I've never once succeeded.

Jenny said...

I do follow the meal plan. There have been times when I have had to switch the days of the meals if Scott has suddenly had an opinion on what he "feels" like eating (this doesn't happen to often). Some friends just meal plan seven meals(without deciding the days) and that gives seven different options for the week and this works as well.
This works for me as I've noticed I'm someone who functions best with structure...otherwise I might be giving in to temptation and dialing Pizza Hut!:)

Christy said...

Some people are rude! Who needs em anyway! I was going to tell you on MSN the other day after we saw you on Millinium Trail that you look really good! It was good to see you guys and I am glad that Chris got to meet Scott! Was your truck ok?

I think you should do your door black! I have seen it in some magazines and it looks really nice!

joni said...

unreal ... gee wizz.

husband grabbers... have to protect what is ours.. *even if he does fart*

i have a gun...and shovel ...

jk for all the blog lurkers ...

i will love whatever color. red or black good at you. nice choices.. (i may pick red cus of gwen)

Connie said...

you're so hot! and what i find even more attractive in you is that you have a meal plan. THAT's hot!!

Pen said...

Yay, welcome back Jenny!!

I can so relate to the comments and the looks. I'm good looking skinny or fat and my hunny well I guess he's okay for being a fit guy....LMAO!

I loved your response and think your a pretty amazing woman all the way around.

xo Pen

Gwen said...

Joni - you're too funny, I missed you in the land of the blogs!

I'm all about red doors, though I didn't know the Feng Shui thing. We always had a red door growing up, and I wish we had one now!

I got mad all over again when I re-read this post. Grrr... I can hardly believe that people can be so ignorant and hurtful. I used to feel so insecure even if I was a TINY bit overweight, because my husband has, like, 1 percent body fat. But these days, I'm packing an extra 20lbs around and thinking "Who cares?" We laugh together, we're comfortable, we love each other. Sure, I'd like to be lean and sleek and chic, but... HELLO!!! our relationship has just a *bit* more depth than that.

Harrumph. Very cranky thinking about whoever said that to you.

Nin said...

who the heck would say this to you about you and your hubby???

You can so lose 30 lbs! I like how you changed you're wording from want to WILL. Awesome...

My first reaction to the door thing was go black....since everyone is doing the red thing, and black is so sleek and modern. But then I read everyone saying go red go red.....maybe it just confirms what I said about everyone is doing it :)
So I will be the first to say.....GO BLACK and be different. haha!

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