Tuesday, September 04, 2007

9 Years Baby!!

I love this man!
I love our marriage and I love our life together.
9 Years ago Scott and I said our marriage vows to each other. At the time we had a 17 month old son and had been together for 7 years. I remember being so nervous and excited in marrying Scott. It's strange that even though we were in a committed relationship, I was still so nervous. I wanted our day to be perfect and it was.
We were married with our family and friends at Scott's grandparent's home in Jaffray. While I was getting ready, Scott's grand dad had come out a numerous times changing his suit. At one point Granny was a little annoyed with him and he sternly said to her, "Neenie(in a shaky voice) Scott is getting married today I want to look just right!" 9 months later Granddad had passed away. It makes my heart smile that Grand dad was so happy for us and got to be a part of our special day.
The weather was beautiful and everything was how I had imagined it to be. Well, actually, I had really never imagined myself getting married,but it was how I knew I wanted it to be. I had beautiful sunflowers everywhere and traipsed down barefoot where I was greeted by my love. After we were declared husband and wife I walked back down to "The Lady of Shalot". It was a joyous day.
The reception was held at Scott's mom and step dad's house. There was a full moon that night and we danced under the full moon. The first song we danced to was "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac, followed by Louis Armstrong's "A Wonderful World".
It was a day I will always remember. I love revisiting these memories. I'd have the same wedding in a heartbeat. I wouldn't change a thing.
Here's a few random facts about us 9 years ago:
~It took me over a year for me to legally change my name. I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave my surname behind.
~We were living in Kitimat at the time of our wedding(which was in Jaffray) and Scott just about didn't get the time off of work. His employer wouldn't give him it, but he remedied that by breaking his knee and was off of work for 6 months!!!(hard long months, with no money!!!)
~Our plan was to live in Kitimat for 2 years. I was going to go to school to become a nurse and then we were going to move. Well we did move...58 kms away!!!Things obviously changed...can't imagine living anywhere else. I am in awe of the wilderness we are surrounded by. I love this beautiful area that we have to explore.
~We had a Honda Civic DX to our name. It had 250,000 kms. Besides our car we had few possessions. We have come a long way!
~Spent most of our free time scrapbooking and painting...pots...taking pictures, being creative. I feel like the last few years I haven't spent too much time being creative as I would like(I'm always on this damn thing!!LOL) I need to get in touch with this side of me again.
~We made wine! ....and good wine! This is something Scott and I want to get back into. We now have the space, all of the equipment, so I think we need to start back in the wine brewing business!!!
~I wore braces....(just joking.....it felt like they've been on for 9 years!!!)
~We were happy and in love........but we are still happy, content and more in love than I would ever have imagined.

Love is grand!
Happy Anniversary Scott!
You (really do) Complete Me!


TANYA said...

Great post Jenny! Congratulations on nine wonderful years.

Gwen said...


What a lovely post. Congratulations to you both! Your marriage is an inspiration to me. (even though I haven't met Scott! LOL!

Jenny said...

Gwen, maybe sometime soon you can meet Scott ;)
Thanks gals for the wishes.

joni said...

Yippee congrats girlfriend!!

very lovely post...

can we have a wedding picture please?

Connie said...

what marriage should be all about. wonderful! happy anniversary!

paleraven50 said...

happy anniversary scott and penny, i hope you both have a great day!! and manymore to come. sue

Jenny said...

I'm certainly hoping Scott and Penny don't have many more to come!!LOL
Thanks so much Sue!

Christy said...

Congratulations Jenny and Scott!!

Chunks said...

I love Songbird! Oh, it breaks my heart it's such a simple and awesome song!

You were barefoot?! How cool is that! Pictures please!


Joy said...

Congrats - I'd love to see a wedding photo too! :)

p.s. c'mon - post the vlog! ;)

Pen said...

CONGRATS JENNY AND SCOTT!! Anniversary's are extra special and what a wonderful tribute to your hunny!

Jenny, your Scott is safe from Penny, lol. I've got a 'Sailorman' of my own that completes me in his own whacky wonderful way....funny typo though Sue. hehehe.

Extra special anniversary hugs!

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