Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Randomlisciousness...(A post going nowhere fast)

I'm too lazy to think about forming sentences and grouping my sentences into paragraphs. Here's some randomness from my life the past couple of weeks.
~Just returned home from a short jaunt to Edmoton with the boys and my mom to visit my sister. It was an amazing trip. My mom bought the boys so many new clothes for school. They are all styled out that's for sure! I didn't buy too much for myself. A new shirt, a butterfly platter, a necklace and a wicked purse. It's saweet that's for sure. Like I need a new purse!
~On the way to Edmonton I saw the Grande Prairie and Peace River sign and said "Hey should we turn and visit Chunks?" to which my mom said, "Chunks? Who's Chunks" and Gavin replied..."Gram, Chunks is Mommy's fend from da blog!" She didn't ask what's a blog, so I assume she knew exactly what Gav was talking about.
~The boys got to go to Galaxyland for a day with their Auntie. I have to say I'm not the mommy who can do rides, so I'm glad they have a stand in for them. They had a blast and my adrenaline junkie Gav was wanting more.
~We went to the Fringe Festival in Edmonton and had a great time browsing through. There were some questionable characters there. One of which was a lady dressed up as a cavewoman who was a tap dancer. This tapdancing cavewoman had a basket of yellow balls. Josey said, "Feh-t-ish...Mommy what is fetish balls?" To which I replied, "I have no idea?"
So my question is "what is fetish balls?" They looked like yellow rubber balls the size of a tennis ball. I'm afraid to google this one.
~I went to the ortho on the 20th expecting some great answers and an imminent date of debanding. Instead I was told that I have an open bite that they are trying to correct. It looks like I will be wearing these Mother F*en braces for a couple more months. Scott told me that we'll be retiring when I get these suckers off! Oy....
~This summer has gone by so fast. I can't believe that it is almost fall. I had the best summer this year. We did so many fun things and spent so much time in the outdoors. It was awesome.
~Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love walking in the brisk air. I also love the smell of fall nights. Amazing. I've already begun thinking about Christmas and putting together some ideas for presents and celebrations.
~I'm down 28-29.5 pounds. This past week has been lax for me,but surprisingly I didn't gain any weight. I love the BFL program. I need to start with the program tomorrow night. Other things that have worked for me is the avacadoes, the Shakes, lots of nuts...not eating past 8, and giving up the coffee. Yeah, you heard that right. I've been off the joe for the past month and just drinking tea(green tea in the morning) and have been doing awesome. I found my groove and am happy.
~I have been reading like a madwoman these days. I just went to the library today and picked up a couple of books. In the evenings I sit in my chair in my bedroom with my tea(or glass of wine) and a good book....yeah baby, can't get better than this!!
~In the spring we bought a family ski pass to our local hill. I am looking forward to snowboarding with the family this year. A little nervous as I haven't been on my board for a few years, but am excited to spend this winter hitting the slopes. We are very blessed to have this opportunity. So look out boarders here comes Mamaliscious. (I bet I'll have some good material my first day on the hill!)
~Scott spent three days on the ocean and we know have a freezer filled with halibut, rock cod and crab. He said the one night he was on the boat and his friends were preparing dinner(steak and potatoes) and he was enjoying a beer. As the sun was setting he looked over the water and saw a whale swimming in the water. Scott said the moment was majestic. Some people spend thousands of dollars to have this experience and here we have it for next to nothing. How amazing is that!!
~I'm looking forward to next week. The boys start school, and Gavin will be in preschool for 3 days a week(instead of 2). This gives me my mornings for my workouts and visits with my friends.

~I'm thinking I might try the V-log....gulp. Any suggestions of what my peeps might want me to talk about for a couple of minutes? Chunks, Gwen, Pen?? Give me a topic.
I can't think of anything else to write? Anyhow I'm off for a walk...


Gwen said...

re: fetish balls: I suspect that Chunks might know, and I suspect she won't hesitate to share!

Gwen said...

^ ^ ^
I mean that in an admiring way!

Chunks said...

We don't have Fetish Balls in Peace River! LOL!

I googled it. All I can find on it is that they are parties where people act out their fetishes. (trust me, it ain't like a Tupperware party!) I think the Fringe lady was making a haha with her bag o' balls!

How much do I love that Gavin called me your "fend from da blog!" Give him a high five!

You gave up COFFEE? How do you walk, talk, get dressed? I've tried tea in the morning and it upsets my tummy. I've gotta have my joe!

Congrats on your continuing success with the weight loss/lifestyle changes! Awesome job!

Anita said...

You're amazing Jenny!

paleraven50 said...

hi jenny ok i'm on a roll here i just read pennys blog, or lack of it. i read hers yours and sharis every single day. i told penny she never has anything on hers and shari has a good excuse this summer. i want to start a blog but don't know what i want to call it or what to write about. i would rather read blogs that i have than facebook which i am getting tired of already. i love what you write about jenny. i only read some of lauras now, and i have taken some of my faves off hers and put on my favourites as she seems to clean house and gets rid of them, one that i have really enjoyed the past month or so maybe you have seen hers she is Confessions of a Frontier Woman i think it is. she takes wonderful photography like yourself jenny she lives on a ranch with her hubby and 4 punks as she calls them she is quite funny. anyways just checking in and even tho i don't always comment on yours i really do enjoy yours so keep up the good work. and by the way have you seen tashas countdown ticker for xmas on her facebook give me a freaking break, oh and i finally remembered to pick up hers and toreys xmas stockings that i had ordered about 6 months ago tasha came home from work and gave me a big hug she says mom i want to go home and put up my tree????omg.ttyl and take care

paleraven50 said...

don't get me wrong i loved pennys blog and i check it every day but she hadn't been blogging i guess everyone needs a break but omg take it off no way how will we keep track of her puppy growing up hey. bye again sue

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