Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Listen to This

Facebook certainly has been good to visit and reaquaint with some old friends from long ago.(there certainly are some cons though...I'll do a post on that one in the next day or so!) I was so happy to find a few of my old friends from my Whistler days. One of my friends just recorded his first CD and I love the sound of his music.
Thought some of you might want to sneak over for a listen.
Good stuff hey?
Anyhow...I'm off for a walk/run around the block. I did eat a scone and it wasn't a free day for me so I have to work my butt off tonight.
Cheers to all!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Megan. I can't remember my password for this thing and I'm at work so I can't check but I just wanted to say hi! I'm nearing the end of my summer and am getting anxoius to head back to Victoria. I'm going out to Jaffray for two of my three last weekends here and I'm VERY excited. Things are going well for me and I hope it's the same for you!

Chunks said...

Ugh. Facebook. My experiences weren't nearly as positive as yours! LOL! Now I'm off to listen to your link.

Jenny said...

I contemplated leaving Facebook,but I started a reunion group so we're trying to round up the troops.
It is fun to connect with people,but both Scott and I have had a couple of experiences with people who won't leave us alone.

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