Friday, August 10, 2007

Deep Thoughts (Can you smell the wood burning?!)

Lately I have been thinking about what my purpose is in life. A couple of weekends ago, over a couple of glasses(ahem bottles...) of wine and a beautifully candle lit deck, Scott and I talked for close to 3 hours about what some of our dreams are for life.(It was a deliciously spontaneous romantic evening!)
A couple of months ago I had a lightbulb moment:
"Hun!" I said with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morn.
"Yes."answered my husband with the same enthusiasm as a parent woken up in the wee hours of a not yet Christmas morn.
"Do you know that...(I paused...I was on to something here!)we have a good 50 years left in our life!"I yelled.(I am also an eternal optimist if most haven't clued in!)
"Umm...if you say so?!"he answered.(he's quite used to these "lightbulb moments")
"Isn't it amazing to think what we will accomplish in these years? We're just starting out in our life babe. What will we do? I want to make a difference".
" do I.... Have fun...I'm going to finish watching my movie."he said and left me alone with my dizzying thoughts.(I'm quite used to this response!LOL)
Which brings me back to the wine on the deck.
My hubby was much more receptive into discussing some of his goals/dreams for our lifetime. (I'm sure the Chianti had something to do with this!) Most of his dreams are visions of us travelling and exploring the world. I share the same goal of travelling.
But, I also want to make a difference.
Here I live the wonderful life that I live. We aren't rich. We aren't poor. We are comfortable. We don't lack much. So therefore I would say we are rich compared to many. I have the urge to go out of my comfort zone and start to make a real difference. I don't just want to send $19.99 a month to an organization that will send me a picture, that will allow me to pat myself on my back and say..."wow aren't I great. I'm sending my money. I'm making a difference". I want to go beyond that somehow.
I'm not sure which way I will be led. I know that I am meant to do more for myself and for others.
It is really an amazing feeling I have inside myself. Life is whatever we make it to be. Age is irrelevent. Let's make the most of the time we are on this Earth.
I feel inspired...not sure what for...
Just have to dig a little deeper to figure this out.


Gwen said...

EXACTLY. I tried to post about this, but I couldn't properly explain how I feel. We have so much here in the West, and I feel that it's my resposibility to give back. Like you said, I don't just want to set up automatic payments on my Visa to sponsor a child. (Although I think we all should do that!) I want to actually, personally, contribute to this world.

Just not sure how that will look! But I'll figure something out...

Chunks said...

(smartass alert!) Get Angelina Jolie on the line, she'll know what to do!

I'd start it on a local level, Jen. Volunteer. Give your time. It will take you in the right direction.

Jenny said...

I woke up in the middle of the night and thought "I wonder what kind of comment Chunks will leave for this post!"LOL.

Crystal said...

This is a great post Jenny! I will pray that you will get some direction . For me I always start with, "What are you passionate about?" Then get involved there.....God made all of us unique with a unique set of gift! You can make a difference!

Nin said...

Someone once told me that God doesn't care as much about what we do as we think....He cares more about our heart in the midst of what we're doing than anything else. If God in in the center of your mission, then the fields are endless.
I bless you and encourage you to continue praying for your passion to increase. The word says we are justified by faith....but it also says faith without good works is dead.... The love of Chris is shown best when we are His hands and feet, moving in the lives of others. Love ya

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