Wednesday, June 13, 2007


A quick update...this will be a bit of a ramble.
~my 10 year old has a "crush". Got mad at me the other day because I told him he was too young to date. Josey(his younger bro) informed me that this girl is "the one"....the one he wants to marry....NO comment.
~have lost 18.5 to 20 pounds(depending on what day) since January. I am excited. My body is sloooowly changing. Hard work always pays off.(also having the best workout partner ever helps!!!)
~Gavin is obsessed with biking these days. He puts on a bike jersey in the morning(he has 3) and talks non stop about going biking. Today Scott and I took him for a little jaunt and he was so proud to "give 'er"(as he yells this) down the hill. Look out comes Gavin.
~Jonas is loving music more and more these days. It amazes me how all 3 of my boys have such an important piece of their dad in them that is so evident. Shay loves nature and fishing, Josey loves rock and roll and fishing, and Gavin loves biking and soccer.
~Gavin had to go to the bathroom really bad today at the park. I told him to "hold on" and as I drove to the gas station(it was a poop!TMI)I looked in the rear view mirror and he was holding on to his ...... for dear life. I guess that's where this term has come from?!
~Tonight I said to the boys, "my body's so sore!" and Gavin said, "I think it's cuz you are heavy!" Oh, the truth of a young child.
I'll continue this list later on...gotta do my workout!
Have a great night!


joni said...

it was worth getting up for..just to read your post.
you just brightened my night.

seea in the morning.

Chunks said...

Good for you on the weight loss! Your hard work is paying off!!

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