Sunday, June 03, 2007

Our Weekend...

What a was glorious!
Today we had a lounge around and breaky on the deck(delicious poached egg on whole wheat english muffin for those inquiring minds!). Then we got our act together and I packed a wholesome picnic for the family and off we went to explore the outdoors. We weren't exactly sure where we were going but we soon found ourselves at Lakelse lake where we went for the walkabout through the woods. It was a good time. During our walk we saw some cool birds, and we were very happy to see the red headed woodpecker. Of course, we couldn't get a good picture of it.(with our family we seem to scare most of the wildlife and even some humans away!!)
We had our picnic lunch at the lake and then walked back through the woods.
It was a great day. One thing we did notice after our walk was the HEAT...holy heat Batman!! It was bloody hot! We got home and the boys decided they wanted to run through the sprinkler and Scott went for a bike ride up Terrace Mountain. He phoned me from the top saying "it was a little hot..."
Do you think?? It was 30 degrees!!!
I wandered through the garden last night snapping pictures but Scott told me "they sucked" and erased them..He's taking some for me tomorrow. I guess I'm not a good photographer...oh well!
On Friday I had to take Gav to emergency because he was limping horribly. Last week he had some slivers(I always say splinters and Scott always corrects me...)and we had to take them out. Scott wasn't sure if he had taken all of them out,so we have been watching his foot. Friday he was limping up a storm. His foot was severely gimped. So off we went to emergency and we were sent to the Clinic because there were no doctors in the Emergency department. ("Mommy? The hopital don't have doctors?" asked my 4 year old...)We went to the Clinic and our doctor could see Gavin immediately. So off we went. The limp was horrible. The stares were even harder to handle. The poor child walking on the side of his foot. His face showed the severe pain he was in. He was groaning....
"So what can I do for you?" our doctor asked.
Immediately I began with the sliver(splinter) story. Gavin's foot was sockless at this point and I began to show the areas on the foot that had the slivers.
"Oh...hmmm..."He said."I'll be back". And off he went.
He returned a moment later with a magnifying glass thingamajiggy attached to his head. He looked...
and looked...
and felt...
and felt some more.
"Gavin...I don't see anything...Your foot is all better?" he said in an almost questionlike manner.
"Yes!"Gavin exclaimed.
"Doctor you fixed my foot!"he said with a big grin.
He jumped off the table and started skipping down the hall.
I just shook my head. My 4 year old was faking it!!!!!
How the f#@k could a 4 year old know how to fake something...and with such conviction???
I apologized profusely to the doctor and walked away severely embarrassed and Peeved off!
When we got into the van I tried talking about this situation with him.
Later on when we were taking Seamus to his soccer game Gavin's foot decided to bother him again.
We got to the soccer field and he was limping and gimping along. He was literally walking sideways on his foot and I was trooping on ahead.
"My foot...ouchie.!"he cried.
The stares I was getting were almost intolerable. I could see the whispers and snickers of soccer moms..."look at that lazy mother with that POOR little sweet boy with the sore foot..."
He hobbled along until we reached Seamus' game. He started to complain and I said, " can't play a video game with a sore foot!"(not sure how I was going to rationalize this one??)
"I can't?"he asked.
"Nope!"I responded.
A moment later he replied..."Mommy...Dr. Neighbor(that's what he calls the doctor and he's not our neighbor...)fixed my foot and it's all better!"
It hasn't bothered him since!
I will leave you now. My brain is needing to take a rest. The past couple of nights I have been having horrible dreams. The first night I dreamed that my throat had closed on me and I had died. I was stranded between heaven and hell and God didn't know where I should go....yikes!!! I woke up and touched my face in a panic and yelled..."I'm Alive!!"
To which my darling husband mumbled..."and snoring like a madman!" and rolled over and fell asleep.
Last night I had another disturbing dream that my hubby had left me and was on a drinking binge. I woke up and said, "Scott I just dreamed you left me!"
To which my darling husband replied "well you must be psychic...I'm leaving to the spare bedroom...too bloody hot in this room"...and off he stumbled with his blanket and pillow.
So I would like to actually have a full RAM sleep tonight.
I bid you all a glorious night full of good sleeps and sweet dreams!

Gotta love the Old Growth forests!!

My own tree beard!!

Taking a break...

and off again!

Giggling over something!!

I told them to pose and this is what they came
up with...

Brotherly love...

I'm the king of the world!!

The look says it all..."Do you have to take a picture
of me right now?"
"Why yes dear...and since you protested so much
I will post it as well!!"

Shay and his new bike.


Chunks said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend! Splinters and slivers are the same thing! Tell Scott you're both right. Next time, soak the slivered/splintered thing in warm water with epsom salts, it makes the skin softer and it's easier to get them out. Course, it sounds like they were out! hahah! Kids!

Joy said...

Great pics! I wish we had a gorgeous forest like that here!

p.s. Scott looks so much like my nephew - unreal! I should send you a photo... :)

Gwen said...

Sounds great! I LOVE that moss beard.

MiShun said...

you crack me up.
kids are so funny trying to fake stuff. The you can't have this or do this method alway works when they are faking. Have a good night.

Crystal said...

Such cool photos.....I want a 30 degree day too.....(there is my whining for the day)

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