Sunday, June 17, 2007

Deliciously Lazy Day...

It is my free day and it was an absolutely lazy and relaxing day. Scott and I spent some time cuddling on the couch and watching tv. I made some cupcakes, and cookies and right now am dizzy with a sugar high. is sweet!(literally)

I'm chomping on the bit to go for a walk,but I promised myself I am just going to take the whole day off with no physical activity. I never would have thought that I have to talk myself outta working out.

The sun is shining through the french doors right now.

Last night on my walk home from the AC, I saw the most beautiful and inspiring twin rainbows.

Joni I thought of you. I wish I would have had my camera to capture the magnitude of the rainbows grinning down on us all.


Anyhow just a short post. We are having some computer issues. During the evenings the computer starts to act up. Maybe it's tired....grumpy...too old? I actually think the video driver needs updating. This sounds like a job for the local computer guys. We might have to get it fixed.(more like probably have to get it fixed!)

Oh well. Hope you all had a wonderful Father's day. Our boys stormed into our bedroom at 7:28 am this morning eager to give Scott their homemade gifts. Being the wonderful morning person that I am, I grunted and groaned and rolled over. Later on I carefully inspected them all again and shed a couple of tears. I love homemade cards from kids. They are the best.

Nothing else to report. I am yawning and feeling ready for bed. Tomorrow is a new day for this new week of workouts. I'm hoping to bring it up a notch.

Hope you all had a deliciously wonderful Sunday.

Mine hit the spot.



Gwen said...

Your computer sounds a bit like me... tired, grumpy and too old. Is it gaining weight around the middle and beginning to sag?

Jenny said...

Perhaps that's the problem. It's taken over it's operator's shape and characteristics!LOL

Chunks said...

Good to hear you had a great Sunday!

Run an adware program on it. Maybe your puter is just full of junk?!

joni said...

haha good post Jenny..

my poor husband will have to take a rain check on his fathers day. we wished him well.. but we were wayy to busy for the day to be an enjoyable FD at least for my man. haha

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