Monday, May 07, 2007


Well howdy fellow blogger neighbours!! It's been awhile, I've been on a blogger vacation and I am coming back feeling refreshed and full of inspiration...well not entirely.
Not too much is exciting with our Fam Damily. We've been busy outside and inside. Scott is just finishing with the coat of Polyurethane on the bannisters. Both will be done today. They look smashing. I will take some pictures and post them.
We will also be staining the built in shelves in our kitchen the same colour. I think we will start that today. We got all of the rotten wood removed from the back yard yesterday. All seems to be looking good. I have semi-started my gardening. I need to pick up some hostases this week and plant them in the back garden and the front. Scott must have been doing the "green grass" dance, because our grass has come in a beautiful green!! Yay!!
I must say we our total dorks! Never in my life would I have imagined that I would get such glee out of the colour of grass. Who would have thought? Too funny!!!
Next weekend we are getting a load of crush gravel on our driveway. Just one more thing to cross off of our to do list. Eventhough we are accomplishing some things, we keep adding more!!
I am still working out and all is going awesome. I lost another 1.5 pounds. F#4cken Yay!!!! I feel stronger and more fit, but unfortunately my mirrors must be broken...the reflection they are sending back to me ain't so good folks!! It shows a fat, middle aged woman instead of the divaliscious babe!!
Yesterday my parents were in town. I saw my dad parked(illegally) in front of Shoppers Drug Mart. I pulled up alongside and sat there for a moment. He sat and then realized someone was parked alongside him and looked over at me. Then he looked away and then I honked the horn at him.
He then shooed me away not realizing it was his daughter he was shooing! So I opened my window and said, "dad!"
He gave me a semi confused look and then finally clued in that it was his daughter parked beside him.
"Didn't realize it was you." he said.
"Yeah I got that!" I responded.
It was funny. My dad always brings an unplanned chuckle to my day. He certainly is a character!
Anyhow just a quick post to say.........
I'm Baaack!!!
I'll blog later!


Joy said...

Nice to see you back!! :)

Pen said...

Welcome back Divalicious babe!! I've been sidetracked with Facebook and reconnecting with family.

xo Pen

joni said...


haha nice that your dad didnt give you the bird...hahaha

Gwen said...

Welcome back! I was getting the shakes every time I clicked on your link and didn't see an update. ;) Glad you're back.

My husband and I were saying the same thing the other day, as we walked around and inspected the buds on the lilac, etc. We're such boring middle-aged losers now, we'd rather putter around the garden than party! What is this world coming to??!

Lucy said...

You rock Jenny.

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