Monday, May 21, 2007

Fantabulous Weekend!!

We had a wonderful weekend spent with good friends and on Sunday we had a cookout at the lower dyke in Kitimat.(Char and'll have to come out with us for the day sometime!!) I can honestly say I thought of all of my friends during the weekend. Thanks for all you do for me. Yesterday I thought of how Scott and I are indeed old fogies. We were so super stoked to see a yellow w.....(can't remember the name of the bird....bad wife I know) flying around. My husband almost(how do I put this delicately...)bl*w his load when he saw there were at least 10 flying around. (From what I have heard Mr. Gwen would have been in his glory as well!!LOL)
Friday, we spent the afternoon at our friend's lake front property. It was a lot of fun. Scott entertained the boys while I sat and visited. Saturday we spent more time at the lake with another awesome couple and their friends and family. We had an awesome time. Scott and Andy were glued to each other's side the whole time. I love seeing that, as my hubby doesn't get to hang out with his friends too often.(he's usually puttering around the house, fishing, or biking...)
So all in all, it was an awesome weekend. The weather was fantastic. Tonight I got the lawn cut, weeded the garden and got my workout in. My only regret for the weekend was not going with the bestest neighbour ever for a walk. All my fault I must add!!! Laziness took over. Oy...oh well, we are on for another one this week.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Here's some pics from the past week:

Last week I was a driver for the school field trip
to Deep Creek Fish Hatchery. It was a fun trip.
I learned a lot myself!

The life cycle of a fish.

Shay releasing the fry back into the creek.

The following day Gavin and I met up with a couple
of friends and went for a walk around Ferry Island.

The hat says it all...

Aren't we blessed with the scenery??

The others had to leave but Gavin and I had a
picnic lunch at the playground.

Me and two of my boys....the other one was chasing
his friends around the woods.

Scott and the kids playing ballyball.

How majestic!!! Scott and I had a moment on the wharf...
then I looked over to the water and yelled..."the loons Norman..."in my
best Katherine Hepburn imitation....You had to be there...

My dream home would be on a lake

My dad and Aunt off for a ride on the ATV. I wish
her and my uncle didn't live so far away...

A few pics...
I'm off to bed.


Joy said...

Oh my goodness the scenery - gorgeous!!

Gwen said...

This is such a beautiful post, I actually had tears in my eyes. Aren't we so blessed by living here?! Imagine, we could be surrounded by asphalt and exhaust-spewing factories or something... but here we are in the most beautiful place on earth! Your children look so happy and beautiful.

Okay, I'm totally PMSed and emotional about this, I don't know what's wrong with me! Anyway... glad you had fun!

Chunks said...

The loons Norman! OMG That made me smile!!

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