Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I couldn't think of a title so that's about as far as my creativity goes for today.
All is well on the homefront the past few days. Thanks for the comments on my last post. It felt so good to vent...that's all I needed. (I'm focused again and ready to kick some big butt!!)
Scott and I are doing the Body for Life program. Scott is loosely following it. Basically he's doing the workouts and trying to cut down his food intake. I'm following it as best as I can. I've done really well the past few days so I'll be curious to see what my losses (if any) will be this week. I took a before photo, but only 2 people in my life will be seeing it.
Here's a quick look at my workout schedule:
Mon, Wed, Fridays: aerobic days...30 minutes on the elliptical (next week I'm going to try and up it to 35) and abs.
Tues, Thurs, and Saturdays: Weight days...upper body, lower body, upper body and the next week start the Tues off with Lower body. I do 15 minutes on the elliptical before my workout just to loosen everything up and follow the workout with some abs.
I am going to join aerobics again. I really miss aerobics...the camraderie and the motivation I get from every one working out. So I will give myself a couple of weeks just to strengthen myself up a bit before I hit the aerobics scene. I am looking forward to this. It's always nice to surround yourself with a group of women that are after the same goal)
The eating has been dead on. My motivation has been just knowing the I have the power to make myself thin and fit. I am thinking about every morsel I am putting into my mouth.
Oh yeah...Sundays are my do nothing days...I'll still probably do a little walk or something.
Besides that nothing is new or exciting. Which I am glad...I am content and happy to be living the simple life that I am living.
I got an awesome package in the mail yesterday from a dear friend. She sent some samples of some beauty products...seriously guys, this stuff is the shit!!!! I put on some eye cream yesterday and some day moisturizer and my face was still glowing at 11 pm. I am going to order some of the products!
Well I am off to walk to the school and pick up my boys from school. The pork roast is in the slow cooker (I love having a slow cooker), my laundry is almost put away and my house is in order...
So I hope you all have a great day!!

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Christy said...

You go girl! You can do it. I love your good attitude about it!

As soon as this baby is born I need to get my large butt in gear!

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