Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree

Recently someone wrote about Christmas traditions and what traditions each family had. Putting up a Christmas tree is a night long event in our house that has become a favorite holiday tradition. We always have the Christmas music playing and we all take part in putting on the decorations. I used to be adamant that I would never have any "unChristmas like" decorations on the tree. However, the past couple of years the boys have been given a new set of Star Wars decorations on our decorating night to put on the tree. Oh well, it is a family tree! It still is kind of funny to see Yoda sitting on the tree next to an angel...doesn't seem quite right!!
After the tree is decorated we turn off all our lights and Scott does the official "lighting of the tree". It's kind of funny,because everyone is so serious about this moment. After we "light the tree" I bring out the fancy schmancy glasses (I got some fancy shooter glasses last year that has some gold around the rims) and everyone has a toast of eggnog (or in my case Merlot). Then Scott always talks about his wish for everyone to have the best holiday season...yada yada. I'm sure some might find it cheesy by it's part and parcel with putting up the Christmas tree.
So here's some pics from yesterday. I'll share some more pics of our family's traditions as they unfold during the holidays.
Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of the festivities!!


Chunks said...

Awesome Jenny!! I love that you've made traditions with your family, that truly is the best part of Christmas.

I notice that hub is always wearing shorts, is it like freakishly warm there or something?!

Jenny said...

No it's not warm...the freakishly thing is my freak husband!LOL! He likes to wear shorts around the house, it doesn't like being too warm. Funny though cuz I'm the opposite.

Jenny said...

I mean "he" doesn't like...LOL!!

Lucy said...

Hey sister
Everyone looks so nice around the tree.
It would be nice to see some pics of you by the beautiful tree ya know!
Missing our chats!

Lea said...

I love looking at all your pictures, I wish I could see more of you

Jenny said...

Of course we took pictures, but I didn't like how I looked in them. Sad but true, so I thought I'll just post the pics I like!
Miss you Lea!!(Lea is Scott's step sister!)

Christy said...

Your tree looks good!

My hubby wears shorts around the house too. As soon as he gets home, on go the shorts. The habit has now rubbed off on Tristan.

Off to try and get motivated to put up my tree1

TANYA said...

Looks great Jenny...reminds me to take a pic of ours too.

I hope that you have a great christmas this year, especially with your sister down for a visit...I hope that I can get to meet her.

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