Monday, October 16, 2006

Snippets from the Past Week or So

I have kind of lost my motivation to blog. But I'm back baby...
Here's a recap of the past week or so:
~Shay asked Scott yesterday why he had a blank spot on his head? "Is that where hair should be growing?"
~Josey is loving Tae Kwon Doe. Last Thursday he had a match with his cohort Joey. I LMAO watching the 2 smallest guys with the biggest attitudes try out their kicks, spins and punches. It was priceless.
~We had Scott's Aunt and Uncle up from the East Kootenays and had the most amazing time. It was awesome to just visit with family. They are special people and we always have a lot of fun with them. We taught Auntie K to play Texas Hold 'Em and we have created a poker star. We can't wait until we see them in the summer again!
~We are still trying to figure out Halloween costumes for the boys. We have a huge cupboard full of costumes so this is what we are going to try and figure out this weekend.
~I am happy to report that my house is becoming more and more organized. Last week I organized a cupboard with baskets for miscellaneous items, school forms and planners...anything school related, a place for the phone books, a basket for recipes and my recipe binder, and Josey's own basket with his colouring and tracing workbooks. (trying to build up the fine motor skills)This week I'm trying to tackle the pantry.
~Scott has joined me on the fitness regime. He will be at his goal weight in...hmmm..2 weeks! It's nice though to have him to work out with. He inspires me, but also we have lots of laughs along the way.
~The cookie factory is still in production. I made 48 cookies yesterday and have only 6 left...I'm not joking! Tonight I'm baking muffins and cupcakes and another batch of cookies. Oy...hard to keep up with this household of cookie fiends.
~I'm enjoying Sunday night TV. I love the Amazing Race, Cold Case and Without a Trace. This is the only night that I can actually sit and watch 3 hours of TV in a row...
~Scott and I are all caught up to Lost season 3. We rented the last DVD of Lost Season 2 last week. The kicker is that he wants to wait now until Season 3 becomes available on DVD. He says he enjoys watching them without commercials and the kicker is he says it's "our time" together. So do I watch or do I wait?
Sad but true, this is all I can think of as newsworthy! What an exciting life I lead!
Anyhow all is well with me.
Oh Yeah, for the creepoid that likes to live crappy comments on my blog, feel free to leave whatever, I have the power to delete!
Take care....
~ I forgot to add this. We went to the AC for coffee the other day. I was sitting having a Chai Latte and took a bite out of Gavin's cinnamon bun. It tasted I had another bite. This time something felt off...My tongue felt stung, and whatever it was poked the back of my gum by the first molar. Well I pulled out this raisiney looking things with little spikes on it. I was freaked so I went up to the counter and said, "I just pulled this out of my mouth from the cinnamon bun, " and the guy grabbed it, and took a look and said so nonchalantly, "oh...looks like a clove." and then threw it out! So I just kind of stood there stunned and then went back to the table. Like Scott said afterwards they should have comped the cinnamon bun at least. And that night I dreamed of the stupid clover falling out of my mouth....
Talk about customer service....


carebear said...

sounds like the update i gave today. Thanks for coming by my blog and being faithful in reading it! I appreciate all your comments and e ncouragements.

Organizing is fun....when youre in the mood heh?

gonna catch up on the rest of your blog now...

Anonymous said...

(((Jenny))) It's so nice to come catch up with you and whats going on.
I had a good giggle about your Cookie Fiends and the factory, can see a conveyer belt going in your kitchen.
Looking forward to Saturday, it should be a very fun day!!

xo Pen

Tanya said...

Why don't you just tape Lost, then you can watch it later together and FF through the better than having to wait until the entire season is over!

You are the cookie Queen aren't you? Sounds like you have a bunch of cookie monsters as well, haha! Thanks for the update!

Jenny said...

We don't have a video machine. Only dvd players.
The kids stuffed something in our VCR a couple of years ago and we haven't bothered to replace it. I should tell Scott to go buy one and give him that option...

Nin said...

nothing worse than finding something that shouldn't be there in your drink or food. I feel like you're already putting yourself in a vulnerable place, since you're not the one making it, and you're trusting that the people in the kitchen or behind the counter are being careful in making sure all is well with what you are about to put into your body....then you find something.....a hair, a mysterious black speck, of all things, a clover, or worse case senario, one I experienced in the high school caffeteria, a dead ant. All trust is broken at that point, and you may never again eat or drink the same thing without there a clover in here? purhaps a dead ant?
Very serious stuff this is...(lol)
Thanks for the update. Your family is lucky to have you, and not someone like me who never ever bakes no matter how much anyone wants cookies. GOod job with the organizing. I'm finding myself in the same place, I haven't really done anything since we moved in here, cuz at first I was too big to move, then I was tied to a "Feeding chair" with the little one. But now I seem to be on a roll. Let's keep it up! :)
This comment is getting long isn't it? Now I'm just rambling to make it longer.... Sometimes when people leave super long comments on my blog I have to take a deap breath of energy to read it, I hope I haven't taken up too much of your time. Lol, ok, I'm wasting my own time now, cya

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