Monday, August 28, 2006


Well I have felt a little restless this past few weeks. Today I realized what my restlessness is! I need to finish painting the rooms I want to paint. So today I found the bedding I want for our bedroom and showed it to Scott and he agreed!! Yay!! It's not girly at all...I'm not showing it until the room is finished.
I think we have our entry way narrowed down to two colours...we'll have to get some samples to see what ones look best on the wall.
For our bedroom we're looking for a serene colour, probably a greenish tone...not sure though. I think I want to refinish our head and foot boards of the bed. Currently they are pine,but I want to sand them down and refinish them...who knows...buying a new bed might be easier!!! We're also looking for a little sofa for our bay window in the bedroom and a small armoire for the tv. I want our bedroom to be our own little space to come up and sit at night and just hang out. We do that anyways but it'll be awesome to have a little sofa, reading chair etc...I'm not sure what direction we're going in other than "serene". Who'll take a few months to get everything where we want it.
I'm not entirely happy with the computer room. I love the computer room,but I want more of an exotic feel. I'm thinking of repainting the wall that has the masks on a reddish brown colour. I won't tell Scott this. I'll just have to do it when he's at work!!
After the entry way is done and our bedroom is done I just need to paint the main bath (I have the colour picked out). I want Scott to put up some wainscotting in the bathroom. He promised he'll do that when he does the crown molding for the kitchen and the living area.
After these rooms are done I want to do the boys' bedroom in a camo theme. We're going to put some laminate in their bedroom (and the same stuff in the basement) because their carpet is looking pretty ratched.
After the boys' bedroom is done I'd like to repaint the workout area(I want some inspirational art on the wall a TV, really light and airy feel)...after the workout area we're redoing the spare bedroom upstairs. This room is very small but it'll be amazing. It has its own deck off of it and Scott and I know exactly what we're doing to it!(and it's awesome!!)
After the spare bedroom is done we can start thinking about the basement reno...built in desk, built in shelves...opening up the TV area....
And After this is done...we'll be really really old and really really broke!!
It's awesome to have your own home where you can do whatever you want to it, whenever you want!!
Anyhow gotta go...Project Runway is on!!


Chunks said...

My home reno wish list is gettin long too. When you have a house, it is never ending. Oh well.

Sounds like you have enough to keep you busy for awhile girl!

About the exotic computer room. Why not just get a new (exotic) screen saver, it is easier than painting! LOL!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh yay! such fun. We're finally getting around to paiting rooms in our house after 3 years! (yikes). It's slow going with the kids around but little by little right? I love love love the idea of a cammo theme! That's gonna ROCK!

Thanks so much for the add ;)

Tanya said...

Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you...but its going to look great!

Linda said...

HI! I really enjoy your blog! And reading about all the cool stuff you are doing to your house makes me want to get to work on mine!! We built a new bedroom in our house ( took FOREVER) and I love it - we painted it a taupey khaki-ish color. Unfortunately I painted the ceiling in a similar shade and its like a little cave LOL
Bless your work and your school!!

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