Monday, July 31, 2006

Stressed Out Mama

Well I am a little stressed out these days. Mostly little things, a couple of big things and mixed together you get "Not Chillaxin' Mamaliscious!" (that's Josey's fav saying these days..."not doing nothing Mom..just chillaxin'...")
I went quick to Walmart today. I am not a Walmart person I have to admit. Usually the lights bother my eyes and I think I am old fashioned in a certain sense. I want to shop for clothes in a clothing store, groceries in a grocery store...etc. Plus with all the shopping you can do your bill can really add up! So I usually make my trips to Walmart few and far between.
Anyhow I went to Walmart to see if the school supply list is out yet for my son's school. We've never had to buy school supplies per se. We just write a check to the school and they supply them with supplies year round. I heard it was different with the new school they are going into.
I looked at all the lists...nothing for my son's school!!! AAAH! So can you believe this has stressed me out over the edge.
I left Walmart and kept do we pay the school, or do we buy supplies?
"I gotta know before September!" I began chanting.
I walked in the door, threw my purse on the "walk in the door" stand and the basket tipped over and made a huge thump!! Scott came running up the stairs and said, "hun, what happened?"
And I replied..."I gotta know before September!"
To which he just looked at me and said, "huh?" and then I laughed.
(Totally off topic...the other day I was watching that Real Life show about plastic surgeries. Scott was on the computer in the other room. The one lady's story really affected me and she ended up with a blood clot in her long (she had just had a tummy tuck). Anyhow I started to bawl. Scott gets up and runs into the living room and says, "babe...What's wrong?? Are you okay???" and then I said, "she almost died ... Getting a tummy tuck!" and he just shook his head and turned the TV off. Then he said, "you're not allowed to watch those shows!" and stomped off!! It was funny. Guess you had to be there!)
My friend's bringing my son home in the next few hours so I have to ask what she's doing about the school supplies!
Oh the stresses of a SAHM.

Have a great day!!!
On a side note: do you all know how long it took me to figure out that acronym??? Just the other day I clued in what SAHM was....


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh I really understand about that lady with a Tummy Tuck...! Was that the HBO Special? THAT was the most horrible thing I've ever seen regarding these kinds of "Plastic Surgeries"...

You probably won't believe this, but I have never been in a Wal-Mart. I don't even know where one is here in Los Angeles. Oh Dear.

Tanya said...

Ha ha...when you know, let me know too. Funny...I'm watching a show about tummy tucks and lipo right now! TTYL SAHM! hee hee

Jenny said...

A friend actually has the "coveted" list and is going to photocopy it for me!!! Yay!!!

Pen said...

love the blog and 'chillaxin'

Take care and hope today your world is a little sunnier.

xo Pen

starla said...

i completely understand your day! I feel like this all the time...when i was pregnant with Gabe i would cry when i watched the price is right!!!

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