Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Biggest Loser

Lucy came over today and we had a great visit. That girl is one funny lady. She's very easy going and she makes me laugh...alot. She has been thinking about starting something amongst our blogger pals who we've started to get to know.
We are thinking about starting "The biggest Loser" group. Theoretically, we'll have monthly meetings and weekly weigh ins. I think we can pair off some so 2 people can weigh in together and record the losses (hopefully no gains.)
We thought it would be good to have an incentive of some sort. Maybe a $10 fee, plus $2 for the monthly meetings?? At the end the winner will take the pot.
I think at the meetings we can discuss our struggles, share some recipes, laugh...
Let us know if you're interested. Maybe you have some ideas? Maybe we'll be starting in the fall. I guess if no one wants to take part at least Lucy and I can do it!!!!
Have a great night!


starla said...

sounds like a cool idea!

Tanya said...

You know that sounds like a really good idea! I'm game!

Pen said...

I'm in!

What is the timeline ie. 6 months or 1 year.

xo Pen

ShariJoy said...

This arse...needs to be in whether I wanna or not...... I gotta start being accountable for what I am doing to myself!!! I'd like to start living healthy!!

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