Monday, June 19, 2006

These are a few of my Unfavourite Things....

I'm in a bitchy mood tonight. I was going to go for a run earlier on today, but my knee is bothering me. Aaah!! A few days ago when I was getting dressed after having a shower I was putting on my Capris and bam!!!!!!! I fell knee first on the floor. It hurt so bad, and my mom just happened to be coming over and when she walked in I looked at her and cried. It hasn't bothered me since the initial thump... until today. It's sore and itchy! So anyhow that's sort of set my mood for the night.
So I'm not sure if I've ever posted my Dislikes, if I have and you remember them, then don't read any further. For those who care to know what ticks me off, read on:
-a dirty bathroom. Not untidy, but the kind of bathroom that has dirt and fuzz growing off the toilet. Grosses me out! (Just finished cleaning one!)
-When I can't find my tweezers(has to be a certain pair) to pluck my eyebrows (and lately chin hair....gross!!!)! This sets me off in a bad way!!!
-Chin hair!!! I am so going to Laser Hair Removal in the next couple of months!!!
-Going to put something in the dishwasher and it hasn't been unloaded, and my husband has apparently done the same thing, but has just closed it and pretended not to notice!!!
-Not being able to find my favourite lip gloss, eventhough I own about 15 of the almost same colour!!
-When Scott leaves the sink full of water with a dishcloth in it!!!!EWWWW!!
-Scott lecturing me about how "that's not high on THE LIST!" PULEEZE, what is on this infamous list???
-Bad manners!
-When you smile and wave at someone and they give you the "dead to the world look!"
-Putting away laundry. ( a major issue in our household)
-Putting on a pair of underwear (hate the word "panties" sorry gals) and realizing after the fact (usually while you're in the lineup for a movie and they're rolling their way downtown!)they may be a little too small!!
-Nylons, tights...hate them with a passion!! ( I always end up taking them off and throwing them in the garbage can!)
-When you go to make a cup of coffee and there isn't any Coffee!
-Forgetting to shave your bikini line and remembering when you're at the lake putting on your bathing suit!!!! (Sort of like Gorillas in the Mist!)
-my husband saying "you gotta work on those feet babe!" If they bother you that much (dry) then YOU work on them!!
-the smell of Vanilla for a perfume. I always think "I smell cookies..."gives me a slight headache.
-When a picture isn't hung evenly on a wall!!!!!! Drives me nuts!!!
-Passive Agressive people.
-I think I could go on, but I am going to have a cup of tea and focus on the positives of my life!! I know for a fact that list is way longer.
Anyhow have a great evening!


Pen said...

you know Jenny, your post totally oozes with the crankies and i'm sitting here peeing my pants in laughter!! God I love ya and your honesty and send a gigantic hug your way. I totally relate to more then on of those things and it ticks me off when Hal takes my tweezers to do some stupid fishing thing with them, lol.

Hope your knee starts feeling better soon and that today is much better.

xo Pen

Jenny said...

Hey Pen, thanks! My mood is a teeny-weeny bit better!! Not much. I agree with our Shari Joy, I need to get to the root of my problem!
See you!

Katrina said...

I say "ditto" to most of your list! I was chuckling to myself the whole time I was reading. :)

I have one mutant chin hair that keeps on coming back time after time. If I don't pluck it when it makes it's first appearance, it starts to curl. I look like a wicked witch with a chin perm.

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