Thursday, June 29, 2006

Boring Pics (just a warning!)

This is one of the walls in the computer room. We are going to change the picture frames, because I'd rather black frames. (but for the time being they'll do!) It's the start of a fishing wall that's why the pictures are kind of high!

A back view of 3/4's of our house. To the left (not pictured) of the french doors is the bathroom and computer room.

It's looking a little sparse. I have to put up the baskets and fine tune things(some maps), but that's Scott's collection of masks he's accumulated thru his travels.

When you walk into the computer room there is an upright freezer tucked away in the side. I'd actually like to build a closet in the space. For the time being we'll keep it as is. Scott's decorated the freezer with his post cards he collected from his travels.

I have a few more things to add to this memory wall. Josey has the same handprint wreath that needs to be framed and Shay brought home his name that he printed that I will frame.

Found this centerpiece and just love it. I also like the table runner, it ties in the black frames that we have in the kitchen and contrasts well with the light walls.

This pic was taken a couple of days ago...since then I've added a few recipe books to finish it up.

Half of our living room. The picture on the wall is from Scott's travels to Turkey. We're not sure what the words mean on the picture. Not sure if we want to find out!!! That's a window above the fireplace....eventually we'd like to have stain glass inserted there. We're not sure what kind of design though.
It was a productive day for me today. I got my laundry folded and put away. I also started to organize (feeling inspired by Org. Junkie) some of our storage hideaways. In the next couple of days I'm gonna tackle the pantry and start to get it organized. I watched the kitchen show the other day and they had wonderful ideas on how to lay out the pantry.

Sorry guys it's not a really exciting post!!! My boys got their report cards today and both did awesome. Josey had a couple of 2's. He doesn't meet the expectations for sitting "quietly" at his desk and doing work (like mother, like son!) and doesn't show pride in his work. All in all, he did wonderfully and he worked very hard to bring up his reading and printing this year!! We were very impressed.
Shay had another successful year! He loves school and was a little sad that he will no longer be in that school. Next year they will be moving to the Elementary school.
I cried when I read their report cards. My babies are growing up so fast!! Then I had to laugh as Josey was telling me that one of the teachers was becoming a principal at "Just Kidding!" That used to be the name of the indoor playground in town. He obviously wasn't listening too hard, because it really was ET Kenney.
The boys are stoked because their grandma and grandpa are coming into town tomorrow and are giving them $20 each to buy something wherever they want.
"I'm gonna blow it on Yu-Gi-Oh cards!" Josey beamed.
"I'm gonna look and see if I want something, If not I'll just put it in my wallet!" said Seamus.
My children certainly are opposites!!

Anyhow nothing else is new or exciting. I'm pretty tired so I'm gonna call it a night!
Sweet dreams!


org junkie said...

Well any post that mentions organizing is exciting to ME!! I love the fact that you have storage hideaways. What does that sounds wonderful! Are they nooks and crannies as I like to call them? Your house has so much the window above the unique. I'm feeling inspired by YOU to do a memory wall...your kids must love that.

Janelle said...

beautiful home!!!!! i love how it's filled with so many unique things! you've done a great job decorating it!

Tanya said...

Its looking really nice Jenny...very nice indeed!

Jenny said...

Org Junkie...there's a few cool spots for storage. There's a space in the dining area that is a little storage area (has a small door built into it) that is under the upstairs stairs. Scott's going to build some shelves in it. Currently I just have our scrapbooking "foot locker" (small chest) and the vacuum cleaner in it. There's also a really neat area under the basement stairs that has built in shelves (the hot water tank). It's really roomy and Scott keeps all sorts of stuff in it.
That was one of the appeals of this house...there's tons of storage space. I just need Shari (she's amazing at organizing closets!!!!) over here to help me organize the spaces!!!
We do have some "unique" stuff. I find it a challenge trying to incorporate everyone's tastes. My husband has accumulated some "funky" things, not exactly my style, but he is a major part of this family, so that's why he gets a "little" room to put it in! LOL!

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