Thursday, April 13, 2006

Some Pics...

My gorgeous best friend and my niece...beautiful picture!

Shay's friends at his birthday partay! (still peeling wallpaper...ugg-ly!)

Scott's hockey team in a tug of war at the dance...He's the front guy... (nice butt)

Scott geared up and ready to hit the ice...

The board in question...

Scott painting...he's balancing on a board between 2 ladders!

I love this pic of Shay and boys just love her to pieces! (as do Scott and I)

My baby's 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chunks said...

Awesome pics!!!

I can't believe the previous owners put wallpaper up. What a drag for you to have to peel that all off! Are you using steam? It works.

That cake looks delish!

the therapeutic writer said...

Shari looks awesome!

cute cute kids!

Pen said...

Great pics Jenny! Love the kids and the one of Shari and Kali too! Look at your honey at hockey, i'll have to remember to take my camera more often next year to snap some of Hal.

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