Wednesday, April 19, 2006

All Grown Up

My 3 year old is officially a big boy now...actually he has been for a couple of weeks. It was nothing to potty train him. He decided when he was ready and that was that. It is an amazing feeling not having to buy diapers anymore!! Scott and I have been buying diapers for the last 9 years!! My children are roughly 3 years apart in age (actually Shay and Josey are 2.5 years apart) so when we had Jonas, Seamus was still in diapers. The same with Jonas and Gavin. So it is with great pleasure that I don't have to go down the diaper aisle anytime soon. (He is even night time trained as others still had to wear a diaper!)
It's amazing how fast time goes by with your children. My son who used to be shy now introduces himself to fellow children. Today at the park he went up to a boy and said, " name is Gavin...who is you?" Of course we laughed...
The other night I was walking with the 3 of my boys. At one point they were running ahead. I was awestruck that these beautiful children were mine. I am amazed that memories that felt like only yesterday or last week are from years ago, yet they bring back the same emotions as did when I first experienced them.
Josey walked alongside me the other night and I felt protected and safe by the little man walking alongside. He talked about birds, his friends and how his daddy was going to teach him to tie a fly. He was enthused and I felt like I was in the company of a much older individual.
I am proud of my boys. I am proud of our family.
You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu
Have a great night!


Chunks said...

I feel the same way and my girls are 11 and 16. Where did all that time go?

I'm so glad (and lucky!) that I can say "I was there for every minute of it!"

Katrina said...

Wait, wait! Go back to the "decided when he was ready" part at the beginning. How does that occur, exactly? I'm still waiting over here....

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