Friday, March 24, 2006


My husband has been on night shift this past week. It's lonely sleeping without him. When he comes in from work in the morning he always give me a quick cuddle, kiss and chat about his nights events.
This morning Scott came in and was not feeling too well. He should have taken one more day off from work, but he doesn't like missing work. He jumped into bed and gave me his cuddle, a kiss and I rolled over to greet him and he screamed, "why's part of your face blue?"
"'s not blue is it?" I mumbled.
"Yes..there's bits here and look like a smurf!" he replied.
"Oh...(remembering the reason for my sudden blueness)I've been getting zits so I've dabbed them with my blue mask to try and dry them out!" I answered nonchalantly.
"Zits?? At your age??? Someone your age can't be getting zits!"he replied.
"Someone my age???(Now mama was mad)Apparently anyone can get zits at any age and someone even as OLD as me can get them!" I stammered.
"I didn't mean your old, but I don't think you're getting zits!" he answered back.
"If I wasn't getting zits do you think I'd go to bed looking like a Smurf?!" I huffed.
" got a point!" he replied.
Have a great day!
p.s I had beautiful skin as a teenager, but lately I am a dermatologist's worst nightmare!!!


Chunks said...

Jenny, KB recommended Zinc to me and I have been taking it and have noticed a huge improvement! I break out worse now than I did when I was a teenager too,'s like puberty in reverse!

There is invisible zit shrinking cream, it goes on like a gel. I can't remember who makes it. That might help keep "the blues" away!!

Nin said...

lol.....too funny.
you've inspired me to share a "men..." incident as well.
I always had great skin growing up too, (although I'm still growing up) My friends always had to take good care of their face, otherwise they'd pay the price. It was only until a couple of years ago that I broke out, and the break out won't go away. Seems it's permanent, sigh, eye roll.

ShariJoy said...

I hate zits....... you think at our age(haha) would should get a no zit zone... have heard dab toohpaste on it or milk of magnesia.... can't wait to hear what Scott would do when he saw that!!!!LOL

Tanya said...

Hey, my mom is in her late sixties and she still gets zits from time to time. I just don't think it'll ever end...unless your best friend is a dermatologist!

A Girl Running said...

I put perfume on my zits. It is supposed to dry them out quicker..not sure if it works but at least they smell nice ?? ;)

Crystal said...

great's something I do husband just shakes his head......the things we do to stay beautiful...LOL

Jenny said...

I'm perplexed at the whole zit happenings. I will try perfume, I have an abundance!!!
Glad to see you're back "A Girl Running" I read your blog and you motivate me to get exercising!! I've decided I want to go to Australia, where you live is gorgeous!!!

Katrina said...

This sounds gross, but a tiny dab of Preparation-H actually shrinks zits pretty quickly. I always break out about once a month, but fortunately they seem to come and go in just a few days.

If you have a more persistent problem, I have a good friend that swears by that Proactiv stuff.

You're not alone!

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