Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ma and Pa Hit the Tech Age

I got a phone call from my parents last week. Both had decided that the time had come to purchase a computer. They asked if I wouldn't mind if I went with my mom and go shopping for a computer. We made a plan for Thursday.
On Thursday my mom showed up bright and early ready to scout out a new computer. We went to one store and looked over the specs. It looked good to me. I know how to operate a computer, but I don't know anything else. Basically I know that our computer has a Pentium thing-a-mijingy in it. Oh...and a big monitor. Needless to say, I don't think I am a person to take computer shopping.
We chatted for a few moments with the sales clerk. Everything sounded good, but we decided to check out Staples. When we got to Staples my mom showed me the computer system she had fancied. We both decided that it had a really nice looking monitor, but we needed to get some information from the sales clerk about this system. Immediately he convinced us that this was the system suited for their needs. She just had to clear it with my dad.
A couple of minutes later I overheard her talking to my dad on the cellphone. (My dad speaks so loud that I could actually hear the whole conversation!!)
"Jenny says this is the computer system for us!" my mom boasted.
"Did I?" I thought to myself.
"And Jenny says that this is the better deal!" she continued.
Geez, all I did was nod and comment on how nice the monitor looked. Oh well, I'll take the credit!
They bought the computer and it has been nothing but a nightmare for myself!! I have become the HP hotline and I am not the most knowledgable with a computer. I can work mine, but it has been trial and lots of error!!
The other night the phone rang for the umpty 2 time...
"Hello" I answered knowing who it was.
"JENNY," my dad bellowed, "gotta another question do we click the box with the mouse?"
"Well you just point it and click...probably right click!" I answered.
"Nothing's happening...AAh...I'm gonna throw this bloody thing out the window!" he yelled.
"Everything's plugged in...right?" I asked.
"Hey Danna, is everything plugged in?"he asked.
"Do you have to plug the mouse in?" my mom questioned.
"Yeah that would help...unless it's cordless!"I answered.
A couple of minutes passed and my dad came back on the phone.
"Okay it's all plugged in, but how do I click the box?" he asked bewildered.
"Your mouse will probably have 3 different areas to click on and just try clicking on the right of the mouse!" I answered.
"THE RIGHT!" my dad yelled.
"Oh...(a sigh of relief)" he paused...
"WHAT THE?'s listing all sorts of countries!!! WHAT DID WE SIGN UP FOR DANNA?" he questioned out of frustration.
"Dad it's only countries...pick CANADA and follow the instructions!"I answered.
"Oh I have another call! Gotta go...don't worry it'll be alright!" I said. There wasn't another call but I couldn't handle this hotline stuff any longer.
Last night my mom phoned to ask how to make her Zuma game big on the screen. I tried to explain. She ended up figuring it out. Today they phoned me to ask how to use the magnifier. So after looking around on my computer I figured that out.
"We'll never be able to see on the screen!" I said to Scott who was listening to the conversation.
"Why?" he asked.
"The letters will be 12 inches long and too big to comprehend!" I joked.
"True!" he laughed.
We are going into Kitimat on Thursday and I have to write some notes down for them! Notes...I need to pick up a book for them! Very good idea!!!
My only concern is that when they figure out the computer they will discover this blog. Of course I am not bashful, but considering I get considerable amount of material from my parents I might not have anything to write about. I guess I'll cross that river when the time comes. I think it'll be a long time before they discover this blog!!
On to serious diet is still going strong! I am taking my measurements tomorrow. Of course I won't post them, but I will let you know on the losses! I'm still at a 9.5 pound weight loss. I can't complain too much. The workouts are going strong. I am going with a friend to a Kickboxing class this Monday night! It should be fun!
The boys are all doing fine. My husband just purchased a mountain bike. It has all the bells and whistles. He is really excited. I'm still saving for my new fridge. (I have a whole $100!!! yee haw!)
It was a mild day today. It really has been a weird winter!!
I forgot to get my boys from school. At 3:20pm I was talking to my mom on the phone (the magnifier incident) and I hung up the phone. Then I sauntered into the living room and was going to have a visit with Scott when I realized I was seriously late!! I drove so fast to the school. I ran around the school, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I went into the office and outside the office Jonas saw me and nonchalantly said, "Oh hey mom!" I looked into the office and Seamus was dialing the phone. He was as white as a ghost (he's very pale to start off with!) and tears were streaming down his face. We left the school and I apologized. I felt horrible!! What kind of mother forgets about her children? Well...apparently I wasn't the only one today. 8 kids were wondering were their parents were. That's the first time that happened. Jonas wasn't worried, "I knew you'd come sometime!" he quipped. I felt like crap all night long!!
I have been playing Texas Hold'Em on Poker Stars! It is so much fun. I only play with play money. I would never go down the real money path. Tonight me and my friend were at the same table. She whooped my butt! Like I said, I am glad it's not real money!!
Anyways nothing else is new or exciting.
We are having problems with our dog, but I don't want to get into the whole thing right now. It is too stressful!
Enjoy your day!


Chunks said...

I remember when my parents got a computer, it was like trying to teach English to deaf foreign exchange students! It will be YEARS before they are proficient enough to find your blog, just don't send them a link! haha! (I made that mistake!)

I have also forgotten to pick up my kids from school, so don't feel bad, it happens. Now, if you showed up drunk to pick them up, that would be different.

What is up with your dog? I hope it is nothing serious. Do tell, I enjoy a dog story, even a sad one.

cath said...

Hiya Jenny

It's Catherine (Cathy) from Kitimat. You know, sitting on the path asking "what if...?" questions. I think you left me a message on, but I can't bring myself to buy a membership there, so I can't read it... Anyways, if you want to drop me a line, I'm at "cath dot macdonald at utoronto dot ca" (you know what to do with the "at" and the "dots").

I've been reading your blog, and it's delightful. Your sense of humour and absurdity are wonderful, as they always were. I'm so happy to know you're well and to read about your fun, funny, beautiful family. And even though our lives have taken different paths, I think we're still very much alike.

And regarding your current post... I can sure relate. I visited my parents at Christmas this year and helped them buy a computer. Fortunately, my partner is an IT guy, so he helped with that part and set it all up for them... I gave my Mom a crash-course in word-processing and email, and now she's sending me all kinds of "just practicing" messages. Ah, parents!

Gotta go now. Again, I'm so glad to know you're well. Take care!


Janelle said...

your parents are sooo funny! i would have loved to have been there.
and your weight loss! way to go! i'm gonna do what i can in the next little bit. i am so unmotivated, but so discouraged.
i can't STOP my husband from playing Texas HOld'em. He plays it on the tv & i told him he's get addicted. yep...guess what he's doing right now. crazy.
take care beautiful! you're doing great!

Jenny said...

Chunks: When I first got my dog and brought her into the vet the vet said, "I think she has a social anxiety disorder???" Nothing more really was said except that she was a timid, but protective dog. (bipolar perhaps?) Anyhow when we moved into our new house that doesn't have a fence (yet) she started running and barking at the neighbour. She called the Animal patrol who served us with a viscious dog warning. (our dog is up to my knee) WE talked to the neighbour and they said it "wasn't a big deal?" (why call the animal patrol) Anyhoo, we haven't been letting her out during daylight hours. The other morning Scott let the dog out and she ran at the neighbour. Meanwhile I woke up in the morning and when I was taking my kids to school there was this strange dog who wouldn't leave my yard. Crapping everywhere, barking, asserting himself. I phoned the animal shelter at 11am and at 3pm I phoned them again. "WE need to serve some people on that same street!" Yeah, we got served again!!!! The neighbour is afraid for her life. One more warning and there are a whole set of rules!!(Muzzling, no contact with any children!! yada, yada!) So to make an extremely long story short we decided to put her on a 30ft cable until we can build the fence (spring). She won't crap or pee when on the cable. She comes into the house and does her number inside!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHH!! Primal Scream here!!
So I am frustrated. I feel horrible for my dog, because she isn't violent, but it is in the Sheltie nature to be protective.
She has had 2 good days and nights so I think that things are turning around.
Talk about a comment. I should've just blogged this..actually I'll refer my blog to this comment...original?!Hmmm...
I am still getting hounded from my parents. They now refer to me as the "hotline!" They are a great source of writing material. I could've made a lot of money if I wrote a sitcom based on those 2. Today I went into Kitimat and set up their computer so the letters are about1.5 inches tall!! I set their computer up for a blind person!! Seriously...some very big letters. My dad was so happy!!! Those letters gave me a bloody headache!
Cathy, it was so great to hear about you and your life. It made my day, thank you.
Janelle, I am addicted to PokerStars. If you ever want to see how bad I am go to pokerstars and search for player jenstrom. (the braced happy face!)
Anyhow guys, have a great day!

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