Monday, September 12, 2005


My oldest son and middle son are complete opposites. Not only do they lack personality traits they look nothing alike. One is fair, blonde hair and blue eyes and the other has a medium complexion with brown hair and brown eyes. Today was Jonas' first day of school. The last week Jonas and his baby brother have been sick. Josey was sick with bronchial pneumonia and Gavin sick with bronchitis. Josey was excited to ride the bus with his brother. As they left the house Seamus was busy giving instructions on the protocol of riding the bus. I yelled to them out the door that mommy would meet them at the school to make sure Jonas got to the right lineup. I arrived at the school within 20 minutes and Jonas was interacting with his classmates.
"Wait for mommy and Seamus after after school. We'll show you where to catch the bus to get home!" I instructed.
"Okay!" he shrugged and began to chatter with his friends.
I had a busy day running around. The last week has been crazy busy. I have started a Biology course in college. I am organizing my best friend's baby shower. It has become more of a par-tay. Currently the guest list is 82!! It should be fun...(I hope). So I am run down, sick and actually tired...
Anyhow, in the afternoon I showed up at the school just in time to see Seamus running frazzled out of his classroom. He didn't see me right away. Instead he darted past with a frantic, nervous look. He looked pale, almost sick!!
"Shay," I yelled, "overhere. I've come to show you guys how to meet each other for the bus."
"Oh good. I have been so STRESSED out thinking that I had to get Jose to the bus myself today!" he shrugged with a sigh of relief.
(Stressed out at 8? Certainly an offspring of Scott's!) We went to Jonas' mudroom and he was nowhere to be found. There was only one student left talking to the teacher.
"He darted out here like a damn, I thought he looked like he knew where he was going!" stressed his teacher.
"Oh crap" I thought to myself. Shay and I ran out of the classroom. Shay was looking stressed, he began to call his brother's name...we turned the corner to the bus lineup and there in the proper lineup was Jonas.
"Jonas you were supposed to wait for me!" Shay lectured.
"How'd you know where you were supposed to go?" I asked.
"I just followed everyone to the bus lineups, saw some kids that take the same morning bus and knew this was my lineup!" he answered matter of factly.
I, of course, had to explain the importance of listening to instructions, but couldn't help be proud of his 'making his own way to the bus stop'. The kid has street smarts I am certain. Seamus wouldn't have made it past the mudroom. Each child is different, all are blessings.
Anyhow like I said I am tired. Just thought I'd post a quickie. This is what I wish I could do...just plop down wherever you felt tired. Nothing else to report.
Enjoy your day!

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LEA said...

I had to print this pic of Gav he looks so cute. Steve and I can't wait to be back there to see you all.

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