Thursday, September 22, 2005

Death by Frodo

The last couple of days with my 2 year old has been trying, to put it gently. Yesterday while I was chatting with my sister in law who lives in Britain on MSN messenger I was interrupted with a, "Help Mommy!!" I tried to ignore him, but a moment later, he beckoned again, "Mommy, help!".
"Okay Gavin just give mommy a moment!" I answered.
"Mommy, pease, help!" he answered.
"I'm on my way" I responded.
"Mommy, Gav is Stucka!" he yelled.
Well, stucka isn't a good word to hear from your 2 year old. Immediately I am brought back to the sledgehammer and wooden chair incident. I ran up the stairs. There was silence...
"Gavin where are you stucka!" I yelled (almost afraid to know).
"Here mommy, help mommy!" he banged.
The sound came from my bedroom. I ran to my husband's closet door and sure enough Gavin was stucka in the closet. I couldn't open the door. For whatever reason we have had problems with the door jamming and unfortunately this was one of the times. It took a couple of "good" pulls to release the door and Gavin stood at the other side. Bright eyed with a look of relief...
"Nice toys!" he commented and walked out of the closet.
Crap he found our Santa Claus stash. (I have been shopping online for the last month or so!!) Our older boys haven't even snooped yet (I don't think anyways!!)
One thing about 2 year olds is they are always on the move. Gavin was up at 4 o'clock this morning ready to start the day. He came barrelling into our bedroom and pounced onto the bed. So my day started out early today. His favourite thing to do, besides watch the Wizard of Oz, is to look for bugs. We got ready this afternoon and went in the backyard to get a beetle. I am the worst person to go bug collecting with, because I don't like bugs or slimy things at all. With all of the rocks, sticks, and stumps in our backyard we couldn't find a bug. I did manage to collect two worms. He played for about 20 minutes and decided he wanted to come back into the house.
"Mommy nap me pease?" he asked.
"You betcha sweetie!" I smiled. I could get a nap and satisfy my two year old at the same time. Life is sweet!!
We snuggled into bed and I played the Wizard of Oz DVD. Both of us are comforted by this movie. It is amazing how a 66 (I'm guessing here) year old movie could still hit a chord with a 2 year old!!! Talk about a timeless classic. Anyways we began to snuggle. Gavin gave me half of his bankie and began to rub it on my face. I was beginning to drift off...
"Simy mommy" Gavin mumbled.
"Um, hmmm..." I responded.
"Night simy" Gavin muttered.
"Night Si...!"I began, but quickly realized what a simy was. I looked over on my pillow and laying beside my head were the TWO earthworms tucked in for a nap.
I screamed and startled Gavin and probably the earthworms. I jumped up and grabbed them and ran down the stairs and set them free. Gavin was not at all happy with his mommy's lack of enthusiasm for sharing a pillow with 2 friendly worms.
I jumped back into bed trying to explain the why's and how's of worms not being allowed inside. Gavin picked up his action figure Frodo, yelled "Catch mommy" and pitched Frodo at one heck of a flying speed to my eye!! I saw stars and felt an excruciating pain in my eye and head. For a split second I thought Frodo got the best of me...but he didn't.
Needless to say, Gavin got a time out, while the whole time he yelled, "Mean Mommy, Gav Mad!!"
Aren't two year olds fun????
My other boys are doing fine and dandy. School is going well. They are excited about moving to their new house. Gavin isn't. I say, "Gavin is going to have a new bedroom, " to which he responds, "No Sank you mommy!"
There might be some adjustments we'll need to deal with.
Nothing else is new or exciting.
I leave you with this thought for the day:
"There is no sinner like a young saint."-Aphra Behn
Enjoy your day!


Tanya said...

Sounds like your living with Oscar the Grouch and his pet worm Slimy or should I say "Simy"!

LEA said...

Your new house looks so nice, I'm so happy for you guys. I showed the family here and it's so wierd how different the suroundings are here. This was yet another brilliant post for Gav. Steve's mom works at a pre-school. She has been keeping up on Gav through your posts and has a good laugh some days. She works with so many kids all day, that she has a different view of the things they do than the rest of us. Gav puts a smile on all our faces. Sue(Steve's mom)likes keeping up with what happens cause she doesn't know our family very well, and she's interested. She gets a good chuckle from reading about the boys. She thinks they're all so sweete. Miss you guys, take care.

Janelle said...

Should I be happy that I have a girl? EARTHWORMS??? YUCK!!! but i have to say that cuddling for naps with your kids is the best feeling in the world!!! but i'd do the same thing if i found ugly, slimy creatures near my face!! ahhh!!! Gav sounds like such a sweetheart! Lucky mom!

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