Sunday, June 12, 2005

Like Mother, Like Son

We're off on our vacation tomorrow afternoon. I won't be posting until the first week of July. I am going to record some of my thoughts on paper throughout the weeks, because I know I will have great material for some posts. Aren't families wonderful? I bet they never know how inspiring they are!
My good friend Tanya came over last night to give me a haircut and colour my hair. Considering I had wanted to lose more weight than I did I figured if I could at least go on vacation with a new do to throw attention off the weight factor. Anyhow she cut, coloured and styled a new do. I was very impressed and couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror.
I woke up this morning and couldn't for the life of me get my hair to look like it had the night before. I washed, blow dried and styled my hair, but couldn't get "the look" that I had the night before. I was in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror, when I impulsively grabbed the (yikes!!) scissors and thought I would add a couple of layers. I clipped and chopped without thinking and after a few moments in a trance, I realized I was standing in a lot of hair. Oh my goodness, I looked like a bad "80's" hair cut. I was mortified! What had I done? What do you do in a situation like that? I called my mom!
"Mom, "I said, between sobs,"Tanya cut my hair and it looked awesome last night and I couldn't do it so I thought layers would make it easier to layers!"
"You didn't cut your hair did you?" she asked. (somehow I remember this conversation with my 5 year old a couple of months back!)
"Yep!" I cried.
"Oh no! I'll be right over!" she said.
My mom was over within a moment or two. Usually it would take longer, but if it has to do with hair, she knows it is a real emergency. She grabbed the scissors and tried to fix it, but it wasn't doing any good.
"You better not tell anyone that Tanya did this to you!" she lectured."You'll ruin her reputation!"
"I know!" I sighed.
After she left I decided that I needed to explain what had happened to Tanya. My biggest concern was that she would think I didn't like the hair, which wasn't the case, it was that I am useless at doing hair! Within 10 minutes she was over to correct the hair. She said it looked like a "real messed up" mullet!!(yikes!!) She worked her wonders and I am proud to say I have a new do, that looks like I went in and asked for! Aren't friends wonderful?
When Scott woke up he was confused.
"Didn't you have longer hair when I saw you this morning?" he asked.
"Yep. I thought I would give myself layers..." to which I explained the fiasco.
"You thought you'd cut YOUR OWN HAIR? Well I see where Jonas gets his ideas from? You're lucky you have a friend like Tanya who'd come and fix it. I'd make you suffer in what you created!" Nothing like a good old guilt treatment.
"You look awesome, though" he added.
So this blog is dedicated to a wonderful friend whose kindness and talent saved me from embarassment. Thank you!
Like I said in the beginning of this post, I hope I have lots of material to share with everyone.
I leave you with this thought for the day:
"Your friend is your needs answered."-Kahil Gibran
Talk to everyone in July!
Enjoy June!


kblog said...
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kblog said...

This story made me laugh so hard! I can so relate; I tell my hairdresser all the time that I wish she lived with me with because I can never get my hair to go the same. If I had the money I swear I'd go to her everyday. I too have taken scissors to my hair after paying a hundred dollars to get my hair done. I've only feathered the sides or my bangs...never been brave enough to tackle layers myself yet though. Have a great holiday! :)

lightfeather said...

Hope you had/have fun on holiday!
Vacations are the very best for the body and soul.

I so totally relate to the whole hair thing. Was thinking about hacking at mine this very morning until I read and laughed at your blog entry. Hope it stays with me the whole day before I start chopping!

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