Sunday, March 20, 2005

Botox, Please!

For those who know me, know that age is something I am bothered with. Why? I am not sure. Last night Jonas was watching me examine my new L'Oreal products for the face.
"That stuff gets rid of the lines?" Jonas questioned.
"I sure do hope so," I answered.
" old are you?" he asked quietly.
"How old do you think I am?" I replied (probably shouldn't have said this!)
"Well, "he thought for a moment before answering, "you look about 60!" He then quickly added, "I bet you mommy, the cream will make you look 22!" It better or I am befriending Botox!
Scott is on nights this tour. Last night Seamus went for a sleepover at Wayne's house. Everytime (well most) I say something about Shay's friend Wayne, Josey will start to chuckle and say, "Hah, Wayne, like Grampa!" I am not sure why this gives him pleasure, but it does!
I worked out hard again this week. When I was at the gym on Friday, I thought I would be brave and do the (dun-dunnanah!) "Ab machine". I had tried it 3 months ago, but it was way too hard for me. Bravely, I approached the (dun-dunannah) "Ab machine" with pure willpower and determination. I tried, and lo and behold, it was easy. There wasn't any weight on it, so I felt very strong and put 10 pounds of weight on the machine. I did 2 full sets of 12 reps and felt strong and confident, until....yesterday morning! I woke up feeling like I was hit in the stomach by a vehicle! (not that I could personally tell you how that felt, but certainly could imagine this as being that same sensation) I slowly got out of bed and my sweet lord, my stomach felt seized. At least the exercise worked, but the tightness is still with me today. The old adage, "no pain no gain" I guess is true. I sure wish it would say, "a little pain, lots of gain!"
Nothing eventful is planned for us today. It was lonely last night without Scott and Seamus. The boys (sans Seamus) and I were at Grampa and Gramma's and Gavin kept looking out the window saying, "Shay, Shay!" He has also learned to count to: 2! He has learned many new words. Yesterday Gavin took off his diaper and pointed down below and said, "Peyee" (pele).
We still need to go and get his and Shay's birthday presents. It is hard to buy for kids that have most everything! Gavin would be happy with a new ball! (although he just got one for Christmas) We'll figure something out I am sure!
We have begun doing different exercises with Jonas. I bought 2 one pound weights and last night we did a couple of strengthening exercises with the weights and playtime with the ball. I have set up an appointment with the occupational and physiotherapist. I am anxious for our visit to Dr. Vechere.
The weather has been cold, cold. It was -5 yesterday and the wind was a bitch. (can't you just imagine a weather forecaster announcing that statement!) We spent most the day inside.
I will leave now and begin my day's events. (starting with a cup of coffee)
Here is a thought for the day:
"To learn we should not forget the past."-The Oculatum, Butler Yates
Enjoy your day!

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